Recreation Fund

We have long known the importance of regular physical activity on our health and well-being, but the benefits to children and youth are especially significant during these formative years.  Competitive sports and other recreational activities—like dance, martial arts, and gymnastics—are great venues for children to be active when they are not in school.

Sports and recreational activities help children and youth expend excess energy, build self-esteem, and improve concentration.  Additionally, sports emphasize the importance of teamwork, the discipline of practice, and playing by the rules—all important lifelong skills.  Studies have also shown that playing sports and participating in regular physical activity reduces the risk of obesity in children, promotes mental health by reducing anxiety and stress, and gives them a head start on lifelong fitness.  Active children and youth tend to flourish academically.  Studies have found that physical activity can actually improve a child’s capacity to learn.

The benefits of physical recreation are clear.  The cost to participate is prohibitive for some Brevard families.  Join us in helping youth become involved and stay physically active.  Make a contribution today.  Gifts will be used to pay for registration fees, equipment, uniforms and monthly participation fees for at-risk youth who could not otherwise afford to participate.  Gifts of all sizes help.

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Planned Gifts

If you are considering making a bequest to the Community Foundation Recreation Fund of the Community Foundation for Brevard, we recommend the following language:

Bequest Language

I hereby give, devise and bequeath _________ and No/100 dollars ($DOLLARS)… OR
I hereby give, devise and bequeath ____ percent (___%) of my total estate, determined as of the date of my death,…

…to the Community Foundation Recreation Fund of the Community Foundation for Brevard, a nonprofit organization located at 1361 Bedford Drive, Suite 102, Melbourne, FL, 32940, Federal Tax ID #59-2114988.

Other Gift Options

If you would like information about other ways to give, including gifts that provide you with immediate tax deductions, income for the rest of your life and preferential treatment of capital gains taxes, contact the Foundation at 321.752.5505.