Grant Guidelines

The Community Foundation for Brevard uses a competitive grant process to award grants from its Field of Interest and Unrestricted Funds. 

The 2021 Competitive Grant Cycle is closed.
Our next cycle will open early in 2022.

Information and guidelines about the competitive grant process are outlined below. If you have any questions, please contact Donna Sewell, Philanthropy Manager.



The Community Foundation for Brevard welcomes and encourages grant applications from tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations that address one or more of the following broad categories:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Arts & Culture
  • Conservation & the Environment
  • Education Support
  • Housing, Food, and other basic needs
  • Health & Wellness (including recreational initiatives)
  • Adult and Family Services
  • Organizational Capacity, Civic Engagement, Community Development
  • Other (explain)

Generally, competitive grant awards will not be made for the following:

  • Endowments or debt reduction
  • Normal administrative operational support
  • Annual fundraising or capital campaign
  • Event sponsorships and advertising
  • Sectarian purposes, except nonsectarian educational, health, or human service projects undertaken by faith-based organizations.
  • Clubs, sports teams, cemeteries, or other services limited to a select membership.
  • Political activities
  • Purposes or services outside of Brevard County
  • Public agencies for mandated services
  • Scholarships or individual grants or awards

Applicants should be aware that grants for the cost of trips and/or conference attendance are not typically viewed as a committee priority.

If funded, the organization agrees to submit a final report and project financial summary within the amount of time specified in the award letter. Organizations with outstanding final reports will not be considered (excludes current grants with reports not yet due).

Eligible Organizations

  • Nonprofit organizations with offices in Brevard County; legally chartered and registered in the State of Florida and in possession of a determination letter from the IRS declaring the organization a public charity, exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3).
    • Organization must have a minimum two-years operating history after the date of receipt of its 501 (c)(3) classification
  • Organizations that are entities of government (i.e. schools, libraries, etc.). Note: All entities must have governing board approval to apply. Grant awards will require board chair signature on the grant agreement.

Ineligible Organizations

  • Nonprofit organizations that do not directly benefit Brevard County residents
  • Nonprofit organizations that have been operating as a recognized 501(c)3 for less than two (2) years from the date of grant application.
  • Private Foundations
  • Re-granting Organizations


All applications must be complete to be further reviewed by the Grant Committee and its review teams.  A complete application consists of:

  • ONE completed online application (all questions answered) including all required uploaded documents, submitted on or before the deadline of 5 p.m. on February 8, 2021. Late and incomplete applications will be disqualified from further consideration. The application must be completed online. If technical support is needed, please contact our office.
    • Only one grant application will be accepted by an organization. If your organization is a chapter/affiliate of a broader organization, you may submit one application per chapter/affiliate.  Financials for each chapter/affiliate will be required.

The CFB will check to ensure that final reports have been submitted from CFB grants awarded in the previous calendar year.

Attachments to upload with your proposal:

  1. IRS letter with tax exemption ruling
    • Applicants must be qualified to receive tax deductible contributions as defined by the IRS – generally a 501(c)(3) public charity tax status.
  2. Current Board of Directors/Officers, their professional affiliation (if in workforce), AND duration on board
    • If your organization is a local office, chapter, etc. of a larger entity (i.e. university, umbrella organization, governmental agency, etc.), you will be required to ALSO attach a list of local (Brevard County) board and/or advisory members
  3. Copy of the (current) letter from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services indicating Compliance with the registration requirements of Chapter 496, Florida Statutes, the Solicitation of Contributions Act.
    • Please check the expiration date to ensure it is current.
    • Unless exempt. If unsure, check with Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  4. Copy of most recent independent audit, review or compilation and management letter.
    • If no independent audit, review, or compilation; then evidence that Board of Directors has conducted an internal financial review.
  5. Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
  6. Financial statements for current fiscal year through no earlier than September 30, 2019. This should include: (1) statement of financial position – assets and liabilities, as well as (2) statement of activities – income and expenses. (Note: This is not the organization’s budget)
    • If your organization is a local office, chapter, etc. of a larger entity (i.e. university, umbrella organization, governmental agency, etc.), you will be required to ALSO attach budget, financial statements for the specific entity benefiting from the grant.
  7. Most recent IRS Form 990
  8. Project Budget Form – Applicants MUST complete the form provided in the grant application.

Important Note: If your organization is a local office, chapter, project, etc. of a larger entity (i.e. university, umbrella organization, governmental agency, etc.), please ALSO include your local financials/budget, your local board list, and your local profit and loss statement.

If these are not available for your local entity, it is acceptable to attach the information from the larger entity only. However, an explanation is required as to why local financials cannot be provided.


Once the portal is live, applicants will sign up with an email and password.  This is the only log-in name and password that can access the application.   Note: If more than one person will be completing and reviewing the online application, then use a log-in name and password that all users can use.

Special notes:  Enter a response to all questions.

Amount requested:

  • Maximum grant award is $5,000 for all categories
  • It is strongly recommended that the amount requested not exceed the maximum.  Applicants who request over the maximum amounts risk not being recommended for funding.

Grant Application category – check the category that best describes the nature of the proposed project or the nature of work that will be accomplished as a result of the grant.


Upon submitting a complete application, it will be reviewed and scored by a Grant Review Team comprised of community leaders. Scores and reviewer comments are then submitted to the CFB Grant Committee for final review and award recommendations to the Board of Directors.  The grant review process is competitive – there are always more funding requests than available funding.  The Foundation gives highest priority (and scores) to proposals that reflect evidence of the following:

  • Organizational Capacity:
    • The stability of the organization and commitment of its leaders as reflected in its years of operation
    • Past performance
    • Financial reports
    • Diverse and invested board members
    • Staff stability
  • Proposed Program/Grant Use:
    • Proposed grant has a clear goal that is consistent with the organization’s mission
    • Focus on solutions to address a problem, need, or enhances the quality of life in the County
    • Includes a plan to evaluate and learn from the outcomes or results of the grant
  • Efficiency & Collaboration: The proposed grant:
    • Maximizes the use of volunteers
    • Collaborates with other organizations in program execution (minimizing duplication of existing programs and resources);
    • Demonstrates cost sensitivity and efficiency in budget planning; including in-kind contributions.
  • Financials:
    • Has annual independent audit, compilation, or review
    • Organization has financial statements consisting of:
      • Statement of Financial Position (called balance sheet in business)
      • Statement of Activities (called income statement in business)
    • Any loss is explained
    • Expenses seem mission aligned

Additionally, the Grant Committee honors donor intent in grant awards; will consider the number served by the proposed grant or the increased organizational capacity enabled by the grant; geographic area(s) served by all grants; and community needs and priorities.

The Grant Committee will recommend awards to the Board of Directors in April 2021 and grant recipients will be notified of award not later than May 11, 2021.  Based on available funds, some grant applications may be approved, but not funded or only partially funded. In such cases, the CFB will inform Fund Advisors of the opportunities and needs.



All applications and required attachments must be received online no later than February 8, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. EST. Any applications that are not submitted as completed by the deadline, will not be considered.