Equity & Inclusion Fund

“As you look around our region, the hub of Florida’s space and technology industry, we see new development and feel new energy. To maintain this momentum – even accelerate it – we must ensure all members of our community have the opportunity to fulfill their highest potential.”

President & CEO, Community Foundation for Brevard

We believe that this community has the resources to address our most pressing problems. The Community Foundation commits to do what we do best: mobilize philanthropy to address community needs. That’s why we, through the generosity of our donors, are launching the new Equity & Inclusion Fund. This fund will provide grant funding for nonprofit organizations on the front lines addressing the issues of racism, inequity and inclusion our community.

We believe all residents in our community should have the opportunity to fulfill their highest potential. When we tackle the existing gaps in racial equity and inclusion, we will expand opportunities to many people across our community. Then, our community will experience the necessary change to be a place where all our residents can learn, work, and further contribute to a healthy, thriving and prosperous place to call home.

Community Capital to Address Equity & Inclusion Issues

While we recognize that equity and inclusion encompass many factors, the history of structural racism and the momentum toward equity makes it important to focus – at least initially – on race. The Equity and Inclusion Fund will support current year grantmaking, as we work to build a permanent source of funding to address the ongoing needs for racial equity and inclusion.


Our efforts around equity and inclusion are organized in three categories:

  1. Listening & Advocacy: Listening to residents, nonprofit organizations, civic leaders, foundations and government partners to determine how best to focus on funding and amplify efforts already in place. We have an obligation to listen, learn, and be thoughtful as we figure out how to deploy resources in the community. We will do this through:
    • Partnerships with organizations embedded in local neighborhoods to leverage knowledge of unique community dynamics and build upon trust-based relationships.
    • Engage other funders, as well as institutional partners, in promoting and advancing racial equity and inclusion.
    • Ongoing opportunities for board and staff to develop a common language and understanding of race, equity, and inclusion issues through educational opportunities.
  2. Grantmaking to Brevard County nonprofits addressing racial equity and inclusion issues in our communities. Grant funding will seek to address equity gaps in the following areas that affect quality of life:
    • Education and job readiness
    • Health and wellness
    • Income and wealth creation
    • Neighborhoods and communities
    • Criminal justice system/Community-Police Relations
  1. Leadership & Training to advance professional development for leaders from impacted communities and to increase the capacity of organizations dedicated to racial equity and inclusion.

We believe our community has the will and the resources to address these most pressing issues.

JOIN US and be part of the solution and our collective long-term success.