Racing for Research

In recognition of the value and importance of physical activity as part of leading a healthy lifestyle, the Community Foundation for Brevard has launched a grant matching program that helps Brevard-based organizations raise funds for medical research and supports the many individuals who compete in athletic events for a medical research. The Community Foundation will match each participant’s fundraising contribution, up to a maximum of $250 per person.

The event must benefit medical research for a particular disease, such as Alzheimer’s, Breast Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.

The event must be primarily physical, which does not include: artistic, eating, cooking or literary contests, beauty pageants or engine-powered vehicle racing (cars, boats, etc). A ‘race’ is defined as any physical, competitive activity – a run, walk, triathlon, surfing, water skiing, swimming, kayaking, tennis, team sports or any other physical competition hosted in Brevard County.

Applications must be received and approved prior to the event. Upon completion of the event and verification of all applicants participating in the event and satisfying the grant matching requirements, the Community Foundation will issue one grant check – restricted to medical research – directly to the qualifying organization conducting the specified medical research. The grant recipient must be tax qualifying, registered 501(c)(3) organization or educational institution.


Click here for the Racing for Research application


The applicant must provide full information regarding the event and research organization. In completing the application, the participant understands that the Community Foundation for Brevard is not responsible for any injury, accident and all other liability and claims associated with the event. In other words, participation in the event is at the individual’s own risk. The participant is expected to meet all the rules, safety requirements and expectations of the sponsoring organization.

The Community Foundation will support up to 5 participants per event – and if a team sport, only one team or team participant for a maximum of 5 team matches per event. Not all applications will be approved. Applicants must live or work in Brevard County and apply to participate in a Brevard-based event. Participants will be notified of approval within two weeks of receipt of application. Successful applicants will be sponsored for only one event per calendar year. If approved applicants are disqualified from the event due to conduct, they will forfeit the Community Foundation’s grant award. If an application is not approved for an event, the maximum sponsorship for the event may have been reached and the participant may apply again for match sponsorship in a different event. Events that are “closed” due to maximum sponsorship, will be specified on the Community Foundation’s website. Individuals under age 18 may apply with signature indicating written permission of a parent or guardian. The names of all approved participants and the name of the event/benefiting organization may be posted on the Community Foundation for Brevard web site.

Completed applications should be emailed to:

or mailed/delivered to:

Community Foundation for Brevard
1361 Bedford Drive, Suite 102
Melbourne, Florida 32940

Questions? Call us @ 321-752-5505