Grant Recommendation Form

Advised Grant Recommendations:

  • Please call us if you need assistance with grant recommendations. We’ll be happy to check on an organization’s tax status for you and may have suggestions on worthy projects that need charitable support.
  • You may make a recommendation at any time and can start the process by phone. You will need to submit a signed Donor Advised Grant Recommendation form to document your request.
  • In accordance with IRS rules for donor-advised funds, the CFB must approve the recommendation before payment can be made.  Each grantee must be a 501(c)(3) public charity or a governmental entity.
  • Grant recommendations should be made in the amount of $250 or more.
  • If your recommendation is approved, a check will be sent directly to the organization, and you will receive confirmation on your next fund statement.

Please download the below form to recommend a grant payment from a Donor-Advised Fund:


You may scan and email the signed form to or mail the signed form to the Community Foundation using the address on the form.

We appreciate your philanthropy and dedication to our community.