Establish a Fund With Us


primary_flameYear-end tax planning

Just earned a large bonus, but no time to decide on the most deserving charities? Establish a Donor Advised Fund for an immediate tax deduction, and stay involved in your gift for years to come.

Strategic giving

Passionate about meeting a specific community need and want to make a meaningful gift? The Community Foundation’s community expertise can help you identify ways to make the greatest impact.


Simple alternative to a private foundation

Thinking about establishing a private foundation, but looking for a better, simpler way? Or, frustrated with the ongoing management of your private foundation? Establish a Donor Advised Fund and stay personally involved with the distribution of gift dollars. Use The Community Foundation’s expertise for community knowledge and greater impact.

Sale of a company

Own highly appreciated stock in a company that is about to be acquired? Structure a charitable gift of stock before the company is sold to reduce capital gains and increase charitable deductions. Establish a Donor Advised Fund so a once-in-a-lifetime event can help you do good, for Brevard, forever.

Preserving an estate

Estate planning identifies significant tax burdens? Reduce the size of your taxable estate through a charitable bequest or other planned gift. Create a personal legacy in the community that stays true to your charitable intent forever.