Giving With Us

Donors come to the Community Foundation with a variety of passions and interests.

Some have a predetermined philanthropic plan… – perhaps to support a beloved church, establish scholarships for a specific class of students or a charitable fund that the donor will advise over time.

Others, however, have less specific ideas. Perhaps they have a field of interest they wish to support – the arts or education – but no predetermined ideas about giving. Or they may wish to provide funds to meet the broadest possible range of community needs.

Whatever the donor’s interest, our staff works to marry the desires of the donor with the interests and needs of a growing, diverse community.

We help you …

Think about giving. Your giving plan is built around your hopes and desires, but sometimes, those hopes and desires are difficult to articulate or share with those who are closest to you. Our staff can work with you on a highly personalized level, helping you identify philanthropic goals and share your vision.

Develop a strategy for giving. Thoughtful philanthropy is about much more than giving away money. It involves identifying and understanding the goals you hope to accomplish and determining the wisest and best use of your philanthropic resources to achieve those goals. Our staff members are seasoned veterans of philanthropy who can help you develop a strategy to accomplish the goals you desire.

Identify vehicles for giving. The Community Foundation offers an array of giving instruments, from non-endowed donor advised funds to sophisticated endowments benefiting a broad field of work. In addition, we understand the many ways donors can create charitable giving funds. Our staff has the financial and philanthropic expertise to implement the type of giving program that best suits your needs and desires.


We offer:

  • A partnership with you in giving
  • A variety of ways for you to give effectively
  • Ways to involve family members in philanthropy
  • Professional assistance to evaluate goals and build a grant-making program
  • Educational programs about philanthropy
  • Assistance in matching your interests with community needs
  • Maximum charitable deduction allowable for gifts establishing or adding to a fund
  • Anonymity and confidentiality