Helping Your Clients in Philanthropy –

5 Percent2Most of your clients have likely given time or treasure to charity during their lifetimes. Giving, being of service to others, and taking action for the common good are traditions with deep roots in Brevard County’s history and culture.

Clients count on the guidance of their professional advisors to help in selecting among the wide variety of giving options that may be used to accomplish their charitable objectives and to realize the maximum tax benefits from their charitable gift.  As a trusted professional, you have a unique opportunity to help your clients live out their philanthropic ideals and help their community, while also achieving their financial and personal goals.

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How can we assist you and your client?

By partnering with the Community Foundation, we can provide you with:

  • Tools to Strengthen Client Relations

By increasing your access to knowledge of philanthropic products, you will be a greater resource for your clients.

  • Additional Options for Clients

The Community Foundation offers a variety of customized giving options that allow you to meet the needs and interests of your clients.

  • Professional Education

By partnering with experienced industry leaders, the Community Foundation consistently disseminates helpful news and information and holds valuable events targeted to Professional Advisors.

  • Industry Experience

The Community Foundation exists to be a philanthropic resource for our community and has a thorough understanding of the needs of  Brevard County and its nonprofit organizations.

  • Donor Education

The Community Foundation provides your clients with educational events, philanthropic news and information, as well as inspiration and tools to connect their values with intentional philanthropic impact.

  • Philanthropy Resources and Consulting

The Community Foundation has the resources available to assist your clients in learning about the philanthropy in our area, as well as to provide them consulting on the variety of funds and donor options.

  • Administrative Support

CFB can offer your clients our administrative services in creating and maintaining a fund.


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