The Community Foundation for Brevard serves as a trusted resource and leader, for philanthropic individuals and organizations to expand, enhance and sustain Brevard County’s quality of life.

We are an independent, 501(c)(3) organization. Our purpose is to manage funds for the philanthropic community and charities with the goals of achieving enough growth to provide a perpetual source of income while at the same time protecting the investment.

We believe that:

  • Organized philanthropy is a powerful tool for creating and sustaining societal benefit.
  • To be effective, all organized philanthropy must operate with the highest degree of stewardship and accountability.
  • The community and its quality of life are enhanced when philanthropists come together for collective action to increase their impact and effectiveness.
  • Organized philanthropy can contribute to the community in a changing society by providing a range of perspectives, opinions, and experiences.

These beliefs are the basis for our vision of Brevard as a vibrant, growing, and responsible philanthropic community that honors donor charitable intent and seeks to advance the community and its quality of life over the long-term.


What is it worth?

Each of us will answer this differently.

To thank someone…

To honor a life…

To remember a friend…

The Community Foundation for Brevard provides the pathways for you to carry out your wishes.

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  • To share your good fortune…
  • To give back where it counts most…
  • To create a legacy for someone you love ….
  • To ensure a good cause or important program continues …


With excellent stewardship from qualified, trusted and experienced advisors, you can realize the power of philanthropy to engender great good. With Community Foundation for Brevard, you can be part of the process, see it happening, stay informed and involved.