What if everybody felt this way?

About Us

For Good, For Brevard, Forever

To make a difference in a life…
To make a difference in your community…
To see your charitable intention grow…

These are just a few of the reasons why the Community Foundation for Brevard was formed.

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Created in 1981, the Community Foundation for Brevard continues to help strengthen communities by connecting generous donors with the causes that matter most to them. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which allows us to receive gifts from individuals, businesses and agencies who want to support local funds and maximize tax benefits, as well as:

  • Assist donors with their charitable giving
  • Establish lifetime and legacy funds that benefit worthy causes
  • Aid financial advisors and attorneys with options that will benefit their clients
  • Work together with community leaders and private foundations to address current and emerging needs


Our mission is to build and sustain a vibrant and compassionate community for Brevard County through philanthropy.

This is your foundation of Brevard, for Brevard and offers you a very personal and respected way to contribute locally.


If you are new to philanthropy…
we are here to introduce you to proven methods for making our world a better place.

If you are experienced in philanthropy…
we are here to open doors for new opportunities and provide more powerful results to existing efforts.